FHA Lenders Receive Warning from Commissioner

Posted on May 25, 2010 by admin 
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The Mortgage Bankers Association reported that FHA rates should remain affordable in the near future because of concerns in Europe financial problems, but they predict rate hikes in 2011.  Most real estate financial advisors agree that low FHA rates are helping the local housing communities recover.  Once again HUD has come down hard on FHA lenders over fraud and disclosure negligence.  FHA commissioner David Stevens stated in a MBA meeting, “This is a mortgage market surviving purely on life support and sustained by the federal government.” Stevens continued his theme of FHA mortgage reform and made an effort to persuade FHA mortgage lenders to sacrifice the commissions at this time for the good of the industry.

The government agency tightened FHA loan requirements with amendments on the FHA guidelines making qualifying more challenging for new home buyers.  Read the original FHA loan article online at > Home Buying Opportunities with Declining FHA Loan Rates

Assumable Loans with FHA

Posted on May 7, 2010 by admin 
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Did you know that FHA mortgage loans are  assumable? This means that if you sell your house, the buyers could actually take over your existing FHA mortgage. Using the “assumable” function with FHA loans extends some leverage to a seller that could potentially pass on a FHA mortgage with an interest rate that is locked well below the market.

According to FHA requirements, home buyers may qualify to assume the seller’s FHA mortgage loan. This is an attractive benefit if FHA rates are higher than your existing FHA loan at the time you’re selling your home.  FHA mortgage lending programs provide an important service to buyers, homeowners, and housing markets. FHA has been in the news a lot lately because HUD is looking for new opportunities to  rebuild the FHA mortgage reserves.